Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You Missed

Pittsburg managed to throw 18 pitches to Craig Biggio yesterday and missed him every time. Over his career 99.33% of the 38,849 pitches throw to him to date have missed him, but so far this season opposing pitchers are failing to hit him with 98.9% of pitches. In 1997 when biggio lead the majors with 34 hbps, he got hit by 1.2% of pitches thrown to him, or about once every 80 pitches.

Shawn Estes is the only opposing pitcher ever to hit Biggio on April 26th, doing so in 1997 in a complete game win for the Giants at the Astrodome.

Tonight's opposing pitcher, Kip Wells, has managed to not hit the batter with 99.7% of his 13,739 career pitches.


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