Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hitting on the road

Craig Biggio hasn't had 2 doubles in a regular season games since September 27th 2004, and he had a total of two double last season from May 30th to the end of the season. But he had 2 doubles in yesterday's game and those doubles moved him into a tie with Honus Wagner on the all time Doubles list at 8th place with 640. Yeah - Honus Wagner - the guy who was one of the first five players inducted to the Hall of Fame with Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. Next up on the doubles chart is Carl Yastrzemski at 646 and Nap Lajoie at 657. Lajoie hit more doubles than any right handed batter ever, and he should be able to hold that distinction for another few months. Aside from moving up lists, hopefully those 2 doubles are a sign that last year's struggles to hit baseballs on the road have been solved by Biggio.
Now we just need to see him get the get-hitting in gear...

Once again it was the Astros catcher - Humberto Quintero - who got plunked yesterday, and not Craig Biggio. Their other catcher, Brad Ausmus has been hit three times this year, and center fielder Chris Burke has been hit twice, so it appears that Biggio needs to go back to one of his former positions if he wants to pick up the pace toward that 288th record breaking HBP.

But maybe he can still get plunked while playing 2nd base if the Cubs send Jason Marquis to the mound today, as they're scheduled to do. Marquis plunked Biggio on May 29th for the Cardinals last season, as well as 15 other batters. But, he managed not to hit anybody in his only prior outing this season.

Shawn Chacon plunked Biggio on April 10, 2002 for the Rockies.

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At 4/10/2007 03:56:00 PM, Blogger Two Dogs said...

Biggio sets the record for plunks on August 29 against the Cards and LaRussa. 3000 hits comes September 11 against Chicago. 9-11, wow.

At 4/10/2007 04:45:00 PM, Blogger pbr said...

Somebody else already picked Sept 11 for the 3000th hit date... if you really feel strongly about it, I won't argue, but you won't get your name in (coveted) bold print unless you pick a date no one has picked yet.

At 4/11/2007 04:01:00 PM, Blogger Two Dogs said...

After further running the numbers and wishing to get my name in (coveted) bold print, I submit: September 16 against Pittsburg for the 3k. Good thing too, I was wrong with my first calculations. Sorry, Cat.

At 4/11/2007 05:26:00 PM, Blogger pbr said...

Okay... I was considering making you both pick the exact inning, but thinking more about it - Cats and Dogs picking together sounds a little too armagedony.


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