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Aside from being for sale, the Chicago Cubs are under new management this year Lou Piniella running the team from the dugout. Teams managed by Piniella have hit a total of 997 batters to date, which makes him third among active managers, behind Tony Larussa (1,333) and Joe Torre (1,045). Larussa is actually 2nd all time for plunks thrown by teams he's managed, behind only Connie Mack (1,724). Of those 4, only Connie Mack did not watch from the dugout as one of his pitchers plunked Biggio, but he died in 1956, so that's understandable.

Among managers who have actually managed while Biggio has been in the league, Sparky Anderson's teams have hit the most batters (785) without plunking Biggio, but Anderson retire before Biggio ever played against his Tigers.

Piniella hasn't managed a team that plunked Biggio since the '92 Reds hit him twice. Piniella's teams have only plunked Biggio in two of the 57 games he's managed against Biggio, giving him a managerial plunk rate of just 0.035%. Terry Bevington holds the record in that category - his pitchers plunked Biggio in 2 out of 3 games he managed against Biggio. Current Astros' manager Phil Garner is actually 7th - overseeing 5 plunks for Milwaukee, for a total of 5 plunks in 23 games.

If Piniella's Cubs do plunk Biggio, he will be the 6th person to manage the Cubs when they plunked Biggio. That would move them into a tie for 2nd place with the Mets for most managers who have overseen a Biggio-plunking for the team. The Reds lead the way with 8 different managers. Jim Riggleman managed the Cubs for 8 of Biggio's HBPs, Don Baylor managed 4, Jim Lefebvre and Dusty Baker were there for 3 each, and Bruce Kimm could have pulled a Cubs pitcher after plunking Biggio once. But he didn't - he let Kyle Farnsworth pitch to Lance Berkman, who doubled, driving in Biggio and Vizcaino, but the Cubs still held on to win.

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288- August 18
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