Monday, April 16, 2007

Marlins notes

The Florida Marlins did not hit Craig Biggio with a pitch in 2006, but they did set a franchise record by hitting 74 batters in the season. Previously the team's single season record was 70 batters plunked, in 2001. That year, they plunked Biggio twice, but last year's team was able to break the franchise record without plunking Biggio. The most batters they'd hit in a season before that without one of them being Craig Biggio was 54 in 1999.

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Dontrelle Willis hit 19 batters last year, which was also a franchise record breaking Kevin Brown's 16 plunk year in 1996. And, Willis broke the Marlins career record in 2006. Ryan Dempster held the franchise mark since 2002 with 37 hit batters, but Willis finished last season with 38 for his career. The Marlins current pitching staff has only hit 109 batters ever.

On the batting end of plunks, the Marlins franchise leader is Alex Gonzalez, who got hit 51 times for the team. Their active leader is Miguel Cabrera, who has been hit just 21 times. At the rate he's been getting hit, he should be able to get to the 280+ plunks neighbor in another 53 seasons or so.
The entire Marlins roster, as it currently stands, has only been hit by 166 pitches to date, and that includes all their career HBPs, not just those recorded with the Marlins. If they get hit 74 times this year, like they did last year (another franchise record), they'll still be about 50 plunks short of Biggio's total, unless they add pick up a couple of veterans during the season.

If you were reading carefully, you may have noticed that the Marlins both threw and received 74 plunks last season. They were one of 3 teams in 2006 to match bruises with there opponents. The Mets threw and received 62, and the White Sox matched at 58. The league has had 3 teams match plunks thrown and received in a season 6 different times, but there have never been more than 3 teams in a year to do it. The Marlins 74 is the highest matching total.



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