Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Historic night

Not only did Craig Biggio record the modern record tying 267th plunk last night, not only did he record his 95th run scored after getting on base via the plunk, not only was it the 18th anniversary of Don Baylor breaking the modern record then held by Ron Hunt, not only did Jason Jennings become the first pitcher to record 3 consecutive Biggio plunks, the fastest pitcher to get to 3 Biggio plunks, and the only pitcher to hit Biggio 3 times in the same season... it was Don Baylor's birthday (Thanks to Cletus for pointing that out, and his excellent stat on nickels).
The eighth inning grand slam by the Rockies took some of the festiveness out though.

Alyson Footer at has a story about the team's - celebration? - of the record tying moment. Well, it wasn't quite a celebration, and no one seemed sure if congratulations were in order, but at least they saved the ball. To me, that's what makes it a cool record - when no one is really sure you want it, but when you sit back and think about it it's pretty cool.

Biggio will step back in to try to break the record (or try not to break the record) this afternoon against Byung-Hyun Kim. Kim has never hit Biggio with a pitch, but he's only 1 hit batter behind the major league leaders with 8. Kim has also thrown 8 wild pitches, so he's just as likely to hit the Durham Bull as Biggio.
Ben Sheets hit Biggio with a pitch on June 29, 2001, and Anthony Telford got him a year later in 2002. If Biggio manages to get hit again, he will be the first person born after the Ulysses S Grant administration to get hit 268 times.


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