Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Craig Biggio, power hitter

Though he once again did not get hit by a pitch, Craig Biggio hit two home runs with Lance Berkman doing the same right behind him each time. Baseball Tonight Extra reports:
Craig Biggio and Lance Berkman hit back-to-back home runs twice in the same game. They are the first teammates to do that since Jeromy Burnitz and Matt Holliday did it for the Rockies on May 18, 2004.
If yesterdays home run pace continues for Biggio, he should blow past Barry Bond's single season record sometime around the August 26-28 series at Dodger Stadium (get your tickets now!), and he'll have a shot at Hank Aaron's all time career record in 2007. But, we probably shouldn't get our hopes up for that, since he's bound to get a few days off here and there.
That was Biggio's 15th career multi-homer game, still 5 short of his 20 multi-plunk games. It was also the first time he combined with anyone for multiple back to back homers, and the only his second multi-homer game when a teammate also hit multiple homers. He has never been plunked twice in a game when another Astro was hit twice.

Today's Phillies starter is John Lieber, who hit Craig Biggio with a pitch on May 9, 1995 at Pittsburg. July 26ths historical plunkers are Brandon Webb in 2004, Armando Reynoso in 1995, and Jim Bullinger in 1992. All were home games.


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