Monday, May 22, 2006

Washington Week

Taylor Buchholz shut out the Rangers yesterday, while the Astros scored 5, and the Astros took the weekend series 2 games to 1. Craig Biggio went a combined 3-7 Saturday and Sunday but was not hit by any pitches.

Today, the Astros travel to the nation's capital to begin a 4 game set against the Nationals. Zach Day starts for the Feds today, possibly planning to become the 3rd player with a three letter last name to plunk Craig Biggio. Day has hit 18 batters in 369 career innings, but has never hit Craig Biggio with a pitch.

10 years ago today, Alan Benes hit Craig Biggio with a pitch for the Cardinals, and on May 22, 2000, Steve Woodard plunked Biggio. The Astros are 0-2 when Craig Biggio gets plunked on May 22nd.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe led his Sunday column with a piece about Craig Biggio, and frequent readers of this site will be able to clearly identify where Mr. Cafardo does his research.


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