Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Because I know something you don't know...

Barry Zito IS left handed. And, if he plunks Biggio tonight, he'll be the 49th left-handed pitcher to do so.

Biggio's first career HBP was thrown by left-handed Tim Birtsas on April 22, 1989, but in all, Biggio has been hit by only 57 pitches thrown by left hands. He's been hit about once every 40 plate appearances against right-handers, but only once per 53 plate appearance against lefties.

Al Leiter holds the left-handed record for plunking Biggio with 3, and Brian Anderson is the only lefty to plunk Biggio twice in a game (on July 4, 1998).

The Mets hold the team record for left-handed plunking of Craig Biggio, with 8, followed by Cincinatti with 7. The overall leader in hitting Biggio with pitches, Colorado, has only had lefties throw 2 of their 32 plunks against him. He's been hit by a left-handed pitch by 17 different teams, including all the National League franchises, but the Nationals haven't had a lefty plunk him since they were the Expos. One might think that the recent takeover of Congress by the Left might change that, but Biggio has been plunked 48 times while the Republicans controlled the house and 9 times while the Democrats have had control. On the other hand, Biggio was plunked 32 times from the left during Clinton's administration, and 25 times during the various Bush administrations.

Biggio has been plunked by left handed pitchers born in 6 countries, but 13 of his plunks were thrown by 11 left-handers from California, making that the most productive US State in terms of left-handed pitchers who plunk Craig Biggio.

Tuesday has been Biggio's favorite day of the week to get hit by left-handers, with 15. Saturday is the runner-up with 14, followed by Wednesday's 8 left-handed HBPs.
July leads months of the year with 13 left-handed plunks, and 3 of his 12 plunks on the date of a full moon were thrown by lefties.

Craig Biggio has been hit by left-handed pitchers more often on even numbered days of the month than odd, by a 33-24 margin, but right-handed pitchers have hit him more often on odd numbered days by a 119-107 margin.

Obviously, Biggio has never been plunked while batting left-handed, and it's probably a little to late for him to pull the reverse-Montoya Gambit, suddenly proclaiming that he's actually left-handed and has only been playing right-handed to make it a fair contest. Jake Beckley is the all time HBP leader for left handers with 183, but Tommy Tucker (272) and Dan McGann (230) both switch-hit, so it's possible that they were hit more as left handers. Carlos Delgado (151) could make a run at that lefty record for getting hit if he plays a few more years.


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