Tuesday, July 03, 2007

HBP records by debut age

Yesterday we took a look at how reaching high numbers in career statistics is greatly helped by starting your baseball career at a relatively young age. Today, let's take a look at who holds the all time records in a hand full of offensive stats for each debut age. In the hit-by-pitch category, for example, Craig Biggio might have the all time record by now if he'd reached the majors before age 22, but Hughie Jennings made his major league debut at age 22 as well. David Eckstein would have a much better shot at making a run at this record if he'd made it to the majors before age 26, but as it is, he'd been plunked more times than any other player who joined the big leagues at age 26 or later.

Craig Biggio has recorded more doubles and runs scored than any other Major League player who didn't make the league before are 22. He'll have played more games than anyone who started that late as soon as he gets 9 more - Honus Wagner has played 8 more games than Biggio, and Wagner didn't debut in the league until he was 23. Biggio would also have to catch Honus in career hits to break the record in that category for people who made the majors at age 22 or later, but that's not likely unless the Astros are willing to keep Biggio around for a few more years.

HBP records by debut age:
(through 2006)
Debut AgePlayerHBPs
14Fred Chapman0
15Joe Nuxhall4
16Piggy Ward23
17Eddie Yost99
18John McGraw134
19Nellie Fox142
20Frank Robinson198
21Don Baylor267
22Hughie Jennings287
23Tommy Tucker272
24Andres Galarraga178
25Dan McGann230
26David Eckstein104
27John Titus94
28Jackie Robinson72
29George Watkins
Jimmy Austin
30Charlie Babb45
31Fred Odwell24
32Sam Jethroe25
33Johnny Butler14
34Luke Easter28
35Earle Brucker1
36Tex Vache7
37Bob Thurman5
38Bill McGhee1
39Quincy Trouppe
Les Willis
Alex McColl
40Chuck Hostetler0
41Diomedes Olivo0
42Satchel Paige0

Runs Scored records by debut age:
(through 2006, except for Biggio)
Debut AgePlayerRuns
14Fred Chapman0
15Billy Geer128
16Piggy Ward172
17Mel Ott1859
18Ty Cobb2246
19Babe Ruth2174
20Rickey Henderson2295
21Pete Rose2165
22Craig Biggio1824
23Honus Wagner1736
24Kenny Lofton1442
25Sam Rice1514
26Earl Averill1224
27Bob Johnson1239
28Jackie Robinson947
29Jimmy Austin661
30Monte Irvin366
31Bob Boyd253
32Sam Jethroe280
33Johnny Butler115
34Luke Easter256
35Dickey Pearce217
36Harry Wright183
37Bob Thurman106
38Bill McGhee51
39Alex McColl4
40Chuck Hostetler45
41Diomedes Olivo0
42Satchel Paige2

Games Played records by debut age:
(through 2006, except for Biggio)
Debut AgePlayerGames
14Fred Chapman1
15Joe Nuxhall555
16Tommy Brown494
17Mel Ott2730
18Ty Cobb3035
19Rusty Staub2951
20Hank Aaron3298
21Pete Rose3562
22Craig Biggio2784
23Honus Wagner2792
24Steve Finley2540
25Sam Rice2404
26Jake Daubert2014
27Bob Johnson1863
28Sparky Adams1424
29Jimmy Austin1580
30Al Todd863
31George Crowe702
32So Taguchi448
33Johnny Butler375
34Luke Easter491
35Dickey Pearce291
36Harry Wright180
37Bob Thurman334
38Bill McGhee170
39Alex McColl46
40Chuck Hostetler132
41Diomedes Olivo85
42Satchel Paige179

Doubles records by debut age:
(through 2006, except for Biggio)
Debut AgePlayerDoubles
14Fred Chapman0
15Billy Geer36
16Tommy Brown39
17Mel Ott488
18Ty Cobb724
19Tris Speaker792
20Stan Musial725
21Pete Rose746
22Craig Biggio660
23Honus Wagner640
24Edgar Martinez514
25Sam Rice498
26Earl Averill401
27Bob Johnson396
28Jackie Robinson273
29George Watkins192
30Al Todd119
31Don Johnson89
32Sam Jethroe80
33Johnny Butler48
34Luke Easter54
35Earle Brucker53
36Harry Wright24
37Bob Thurman18
38Bill McGhee18
39Alex McColl2
40Chuck Hostetler12
41Diomedes Olivo1
42Satchel Paige0

Career Hits Records by debut age:
(through 2006)
Debut AgePlayerHits
14Fred Chapman0
15Billy Geer191
16Tommy Brown309
17Mel Ott2876
18Ty Cobb4189
19Tris Speaker3514
20Hank Aaron3771
21Pete Rose4256
22Paul Waner3152
23Honus Wagner3415
24Doc Cramer2705
25Sam Rice2987
26Jake Daubert2326
27Bob Johnson2051
28Sparky Adams1588
29Jimmy Austin1328
30Al Todd768
31Bob Boyd567
32Sam Jethroe460
33Johnny Butler315
34Luke Easter472
35Dickey Pearce334
36Harry Wright222
37Bob Thurman163
38Bill McGhee146
39Alex McColl5
40Chuck Hostetler86
41Diomedes Olivo3
42Satchel Paige12

Home Run records by debut age:
(through 2006)
Debut AgePlayerHomers
14Fred Chapman0
15Joe Nuxhall15
16Tommy Brown31
17Harmon Killebrew573
18Alex Rodriguez464
19Babe Ruth714
20Hank Aaron755
21Barry Bonds734
22Mark McGwire583
23Mike Piazza419
24Andres Galarraga399
25Gus Zernial237
26Roy Campanella242
27Bob Johnson288
28Jackie Robinson137
29Jim Rivera83
30Monte Irvin99
31George Crowe81
32Sam Jethroe49
33Chris Coste7
34Luke Easter93
35Earle Brucker12
36Harry Wright4
37Bob Thurman35
38Bill McGhee1
39Alex McColl
Quincy Trouppe
Les Willis
40Chuck Hostetler0
41Diomedes Olivo0
42Satchel Paige0



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