Monday, August 20, 2007

blown saves

As you may have read someplace, Craig Biggio has been hit by 85 pitches thrown by relief pitchers. Those relievers have a combined win loss record of 3-11, 4 saves, 9 blown saves and 12 holds. They've had a terribly impressive ERA of 7.90 in the games they've plunked Biggio.

The Astros are 9-0 when Craig Biggio gets hit by a pitch thrown by a pitcher who's charged with a blown save, but only 6 of those 9 pitchers were charged with the loss in those games, and Biggio scored a run in 5 of those. But, no one has ever plunked Biggio in the process of recording a vulture win (a blowing a save but getting the win), and no one has ever managed two blown saves in the same game that they plunked Biggio.

This season, Jorge Julio became the 9th pitcher to blow a save and plunk Biggio in the same game, but he blew the save prior to plunking Biggio. Prior to that, no one had done both in the same game since 1998, but three pitchers did it that season. On June 20, 1998 Biggio led off the 8th inning with an HBP, with the Astros down 6-5, and scored the tying run to give Rick Krivda the blown save. Three days before that, Biggio got plunked by Jeff Brantley to lead off the 9th, with the Astros down 5-2. He scored on a sacrifice fly, and the Astros rallied for 3 runs and the win. On August 17, 1997, in the 4th inning, Biggio's plunk put him on base to score the tying run, and give Scott Rufcorn the blown save. Then, Biggio got hit by Wayne Gomes to lead off the 7th inning, with the Astros down by one run again, and he came around to tie the game for the second time in the inning. But, Gomes got replaced before Biggio scored so Gomes just got the loss and not a blown save. On July 15, 1995 Biggio scored another tying run after reaching on a plunk, hanging a blown save on Kenny Greer. And, on September 1, 1989, Biggio came to the plate with the bases loaded, and the Astros down 1 run - and tied the game with an RBI plunk.

On the other hand, Orel Hershiser plunked Biggio twice in a relief appearance on May 7, 2000 and still didn't give up the lead - recording a hold.


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