Friday, July 08, 2005

forces of nature

With hurricane Dennis blowing around in the carribean, and DJ Houlton - whose real name is Dennis - on the mound against the Astros tonight, we could see another Biggio plunking first. It could be the first time a pitcher hit Craig Biggio while there was an active hurricane bearing that pitcher's name. On September 3, 2003 Kevin Brown hit Biggio on the same day that Tropical Storm Kevin emerged in the Pacific, but that storm never blew hard enough to achieved hurricane status (insert your own joke about Brown's pitching since then here). Biggio has been plunked 8 times by a pitcher who had a hurricane bear his name in the same year as the plunk. 6 of those were Pacific hurricanes while only 2 were in the Atlantic. Including Kevin, there have been 5 Tropical Storms bearing names of pitchers who plunked Biggio in the same year. All 5 of those were in the Pacific.
Biggio has been hit 96 times while a hurricane has been active somewhere in the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific. He was hit the most during hurricane Oliwa - 8 times during Oliwa's run in the Pacific from 8/28 to 9/17 1997. Isabel and Erika hold the Atlantic records for hurricanes during which Biggio got plunked the most, tied with 5. Isabel ran from September 6th through 20th 2003 (and gave North Carolina the equivalent of a fast ball to the head when it landed on the 18th) while Erika coincided with Oliwa, lasting from 9/3 to 9/19 of 1997.
Biggio was hit 4 times each during two seperate Hurricanes named Linda, in 1997 and 2003.
Mark Gardner leads all pitchers in hitting Biggio during hurricanes with 4 of his 5 total plunks occuring on a date coincident with at least one active hurricane.

I have found no record of any hurricane ever being named Craig.


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