Monday, August 01, 2005

Hall update

They're very busy at the Hall of Fame, particularly in the weeks leading up to induction weekend, so I won't complain too vigorously about this one important point. Craig Biggio's elbow pad which he wore while breaking the modern era record for getting hit by pitches is not yet on display. I'm sure they consider it just as important a piece of baseball history as all of us do, and just haven't had time to get it properly indexed and have a suitable display constructed for it. They'll get to it sooner or later, and I can't really expect them to do that before they get around to things like taking the Beltran jersey and the Jeff Kent bat out of the Astros locker in the "This year in baseball" exhibit. On the plus side, Biggio is well represented.
They have plaques up on the walls with the leaders in major statistical categories, although one important method of getting to first base is missing.

Hughie Jennings is there. He'll be waiting when Biggio's plaque goes up on the wall, although they won't be very close to each other. If your visiting the Hall and looking for Hughie, he's in the 2nd alcove on the right as you enter the gallery with all the plaques, and in the upper left corner of that alcove.
Craig Biggio will return to enhancing his Hall of Fame resume tomorrow in Arizona, but the Astros are off today. He was hit once on August 1, in 1994 by Steve Reed.

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At 8/03/2005 11:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pbr makes the trek to the hall, takes pictures, posts his hard work for all to see and no one comments?

Here's your comment pbr.

Good work. Congrats on not getting caught in any of the reflections too.


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