Monday, September 26, 2005

pivotal plunker points

120 of Craig Biggio's 273 plunks have been delivered by a pitcher with less than 10 career hit batters.

Only 7 have been thrown by a pitcher with 100 or more career plunks.
He's been hit 20 times by pitchers who had thrown 2 HBPs before hitting him.

The last pitcher to hit Craig Biggio who had thrown more plunks than Biggio had taken was Danny Darwin, who notched his own 68th hit batter when Biggio was hit for the 67th time.

On September 2, 1990, John Smiley recorded his 9th hit batter while delivering Biggio's 9th plunk, marking the only time a pitcher and Craig Biggio reached the same plunk total on the same pitch.

Kevin Brown recorded his 110th plunk by hitting Craig Biggio

Mark Gardner recorded his 50th plunk by hitting Craig Biggio

Jason Jennings, Rocky Biddle, Bob Wickman, Jeff Brantley and Mark Portugal all recorded their 25th plunk by hitting Craig Biggio.

Pedro Martinez recorded his 30th plunk while also notching Biggio's 90th.


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