Friday, September 16, 2005

when Brewers visit, do they bring a keg?

Craig Biggio did not get hit by a pitch last night against the Marlins, but he did contribute 2 rbi and a homer, and the Astros reclaimed the wild card.
Tonight Milwaukee begins a 3 game series against the Astros. The Brewers are the last team with a shot at the wild card the Astros will face this year. But, Milwaukee would have to make up 5 games and pass 4 teams to win the wild card, so they're very likely to be more interested in adding their names to the long and illustrious list of pitchers who have hit Craig Biggio with a pitch. Or, in the case of tonight's starter Rick Helling, he might be looking to add his name to the list of pitchers who have plunked Biggio twice. Helling plunked Biggio on May 10, 1997.

On September 16, 2003, Chin-hui Tsao hit Craig Biggio with a pitch for the Rockies.


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