Monday, March 27, 2006

2006 Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

Matt Wise was the only Brewer to hit Craig Biggio with a pitch in 2005, but Milwaukee will not doubt be looking to improve on that (among other things) in 2006. Wise will be joined on the Brewers staff by Ben Sheets, Chris Capuano and Rick Helling, who all have one plunk of Craig Biggio in the books.
Capuano led the Brewers in HBPs last year with 12, but among the other expected starters (Sheets, Tomo Ohka, Doug Davis, Dave Bush and/or Helling) none hit more than 4 batters. Milwaukee hit the 3rd fewest batters in the National League last year (45) behind only Atlanta and San Francisco.

Base on Biggio's past statistics against the Brewers, he is 91% likely to get hit by at least one pitch thrown by them in the 15 games they'll play this year. Getting hit 2 or more times by the Brewers is 69% probable, and a year in which Biggio is hit 7 times by Milwaukee is 0.95% probable.


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