Monday, April 10, 2006

274 historical perspective

Before Saturday, the last time a major league player recorded his 274th hit-by-pitch was sometime during the 1901 season. Hughie Jennings would only record 1 more plunk that season while playing for the Phillies. In the seasons between 274th plunkings, there have been somewhere around 75,000 HBPs recorded by 14,386 batters (including Biggio and Jennings), and 6,907 pitchers. 138 batters have recorded 274 home runs in that span. 60 pitchers have given up 274 home runs in that period of time. 102 players have stolen 274 in those 104 seasons.
Between 1901 and the next time someone would be hit by 274 pitches, 2,784 people were born, played in the major leagues, and died. And, perhaps most amazingly, the Red Sox, Cubs and White Sox won the World Series 10 times.

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