Tuesday, April 25, 2006

dodgey closing

Last night's game featured 18 pitches thrown near Craig Biggio but none were close enough to become plunk #276. Tonight he'll try again against Brad Penny who has hit just 23 of the 4,168 batters he has faced in his career. None of those 23 batters was named Craig Biggio.

Craig Biggio has been hit by 4 pitches on April 25th. In 1999 Pete Harnisch threw plunk number 143 for the Reds. On April 25, 2002, the Marlins' AJ Burnett plunked Biggio twice for plunks number 201 and 2002. And, in 2004 Joe Kennedy of the Rockies delivered HBP #244 on this date.

In other news, Retrosheet.org, the greatest website in the history of the internet, was updated over the weekend. It now has complete inning-by-inning game logs for all games back to 1957 - except for the 1999 season. So, there are now only 11 plunks for which inning by inning data is incomplete. Take a look at Biggio's almost complete career splits here.


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