Wednesday, April 19, 2006

slug fests

Last night's 13-12 win was the 10th game of Craig Biggio's career in which both teams scored in double digits. Craig Biggio has been hit by 3 pitches in those ten games. On July 18, 2001, Mike Matthews and Andy Benes both plunked Biggio during a 17-11 Astros win over St. Louis. On August 20, 2002 the Astros lost to the Cubs by a 14-12 score, and Kyle Farnsworth hit Biggio with a pitch. All three of those plunks resulted in a run scored by Biggio.

Biggio has been hit 43 times in games when the Astros scored 10 or more runs (216 total games), and only 14 times when the opposing team has scored in double figures (141 total games). In the games that immediately followed 10+ run games for the Astros, Biggio has been hit 34 times, but only 14 times in the next game after the Astros gave up 10 or more runs. Biggio has never been hit in his first game following one in which both teams scored more than 10 runs.


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