Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nationals notes

The Washington Nationals have hit the Houston Astros with pitches 6 times this season. They're only 4 plunks away from their franchise record for plunking Astros. In 1996, back before the franchise snuck across the border and changed their name right under the noses of Federal immigration officials, the Expos plunked the Astros 10 times, with 2 of those plunks hitting Craig Biggio. That season also marked the most Astros batters they've ever hit who weren't named Craig Biggio. The Nationals/Expos have never hit more than 6 Astros in a season without plunking Biggio at least once

In franchise history, the Nationals have hit the Astros with a pitch a total of 123 times, which ranks the Astros 6th in plunkings by the Nationals/Expos. Ahead of them are the Mets (176), Pirates (161), Phillies (142), Giants (129) and Braves (125). At the plunk rate they've been at for the first 5 games they've played this season, the Astros could easily move past both the Braves and the Giants this week. But, can they do it without Biggio taking a couple more for the team?



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Did you see this article from tomorrow's (5/24) WaPo?



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