Monday, June 05, 2006

Cubs notes

The Chicago Cubs are the only team (other than the Astros) in the National League Central Division who have never hit Craig Biggio with a pitch in a bases loaded situation. St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, and Milwaukee have all done so once, along with the Mets, Expos and Rockies from other divisions. The Cubs have only plunked Biggio once while 2 runners were on base, but they've hit him 8 times with 1 man on. That ties the Cubs with the Giants for most times plunking Biggio with 1 runner on base.

June is the only month in which every National League team (other than the Astros) has plunked Biggio, but the Cubs are 1 of only 4 NL teams who have only hit him once in June. The Cubs are second in Biggio plunking in the months of May and August.

The Cubs are 2nd in the NL in percentage of Biggio's plunkings they've thrown at their home park. Only 7 of Biggio's 19 plunks against the Cubs have been in Houston.


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