Friday, June 30, 2006

interleague rivalry weekend - rivalry plunks

The Rangers have plunked Craig Biggio 4 times, more than any other American League team, but the Astros and Rangers have only hit each other 24 times, which ranks tied for 10th among interleague matchups for most combined HBPs. The Marlins rivalry with the Devil Rays has had the most plunks thrown in it with 55, but it's not much of a rivalry when it's as one sided as this - the Devil Rays have hit the Marlins 41 times while only 14 plunks have gone the other way. The Blue Jays and the former Expos are behind them with 49 total plunks, but once again it has been the Expos and Nationals throwing over 65% of them. The Cubs and White Sox are nearly even with the South Side hitting the North Side 18 times, and 17 going the other way, and the battle for Ohio between the Indians and Reds is dead even at 12 plunks each. The Astros have been hit by the Rangers just 4 times more than they've struck back.

Top 10 interleague matchups by most plunks (including ties):
Teams (batters' HBPs)GamesTotal HBPsDifference
Marlins(41) - Devil Rays(14)495527
Na-xpos(17) - Blue Jays(32)464915
Royals(22) - Cardinals(17)36395
White Sox(17) - Cubs(18)51351
Angels(19) - Dodgers(15)53344
Yankees(15) - Mets(17)51322
A's(12) - Giants(16)56284
Orioles(15) - Phillies(12)42273
Braves(15) - Red Sox(10)39255
Reds(12) - Indians(12)42240
Astros(14) - Rangers(10)33244
Padres(11) - Mariners(13)50242



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