Tuesday, June 27, 2006

not yet Detroit plunk city

It was another rough outing against the American League last night as the Tigers beat the Astros 10-4, and Craig Biggio went 0-5 without being hit by a pitch, but the rest of the National League didn't fare any better. The only NL team to win yesterday was the Brewers, and that was just because they were playing the Cubs.
Nate Robertson pitches tonight for the Tigers, looking for his 8th win of the season and possibly his 7th hit batter of the season. Robertson has never faced Craig Biggio, but he has hit 19 career batters including 6 this year. The Astros will be sending Roger Clemens to the mound looking to add to his total of 341 strikeouts against the Tigers. The only team he has more strikeouts against is the Cleveland Indians with 354.

Danny Jackson hit Craig Biggio with a pitch on June 27, 1995 for plunk #45; Pete Harnisch threw plunk #149 on June 27, 1999; and Omar Daal threw plunk #169 on June 27, 2000.



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