Wednesday, June 21, 2006

less favorable results

While Craig Biggio has scored a run 95 of the times he's reached base by getting hit by a pitch, that still leaves 182 times he didn't make it around to score. I'm sure many readers have wondered what happened to him in those cases.
Mostly he's been left stranded - 129 times. 51 times he was left on 1st base at the end of the inning, 41 times was stranded on 2nd, and 27 times Biggio made it to third base but was left standing 90 feet from home as the inning ended.
He's been caught stealing 8 times after plunks. 6 of those 8 were attempts to steal 2nd base, while 2 were failed efforts to steal 3rd. He was also picked off first base 4 times - twice by the pitcher and twice by the catcher.
On 25 of the times he was plunked, he was erased by a double play. He's been called out on 6-4-3 double plays 9 times, 4-6-3 double plays 5 times, twice on 5-4-3 double plays, and three times on double plays scores 6-3. Biggio has also been called out after reaching on a plunk in double plays scored 5-3, 1-6-3, 3-6-3, 3-6-1, and 8-6-4. (He was the second out on the 8-6-4, thrown out at second.) And once he was caught getting back to the base after a line drive to the first baseman.
He's been forced out at second another 20 times, and at third twice. He's also been thrown out at the plate twice, and thrown out at third once.
And, of the 277 times he was hit by a pitch, he was replaced by a pinch runner just once. That pinch runner was erased on a 6-4-3 double play.


At 6/22/2006 02:21:00 AM, Anonymous corey said...

How many times has a pitcher plunked 2 or more batters in a single inning? How many have been thrown out of a game after plunking two batters in a single inning? How many have gone on to plunk a third batter? What is the all-time record for plunks in a single inning, and in a single game? How many pitchers have been ejected from games after a plunking, and what is their overall plunking percentage as compared to the interleague average? What baseball team has plunked two batters in an inning more than any other? Which pitcher has been ejected from the most games for gratuitous, tempestuous, and relentless plunking of opposing batters? How many pitchers have been ejected from games for plunking Craig Biggio, and what is the Astros' win/loss percentage for games in which their pitcher was ejected after plunking Craig Biggo?

At 6/22/2006 07:05:00 AM, Blogger pbr said...

wow that's a lot of questions. 2 plunks in an inning is too common to count, but only 22 batters have hit 3 in an inning. Jeff Weaver did it most recently, on August 21, 2004. Check here for the complete list.
On May 23, 1999, Mike Morgan hit Brady Anderson twice in the same inning. That's the only known instance of a pitcher hitting the same batter twice in an inning.
The plunks thrown in a game record is 6, but that hasn't been done since before 1900 (see here again).
Unfortunately I haven't found a good source for ejection data, and it's not always specifically stated when a pitcher was ejected in the old box scores. But, no one has ever been ejected immediately after plunking Biggio, but there was at least one who was ejected later in the game.


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