Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Twins notes

Today was going to be the matchup between the most plunked player in the last hundred years - Craig Biggio - and the least plunked player active in the Major Leagues - Juan Castro. But, perhaps because they were embarrassed to face Craig Biggio with the unplunkable Juan Castro on their roster, the Twins traded Castro last week. Castro has had 2,202 plate appearances and never been hit by a pitch, leading all unplunked active players. But the Twins still have Nick Punto, who ranks 4th in plate appearance among players who have never taken one for the team with 770. Red Sox teammates Coco Crisp and Curt Schilling are 2nd and 3rd with 1,908 and 899 plate appearance respectively.
Overall the Twins have been hit by a pitch 92 times on days when Craig Biggio was hit by a pitch, and have a record of 114-134 in those games, including a loss in the one game in which they plunked Biggio. That works out to a .460 win percentage, which is slightly less than the .489 win percentage the Twins have compiled over the seasons in which Biggio has been plunked. So, if the Twins had won the games on the dates Biggio was plunked at the same rate that they were generally winning over that span, they would have gone 121-127. Somehow, Biggio's plunks caused the Twins to lose 7 extra games, at least 6 of which he was nowhere near... right?

Including the days when the Twins franchise was the Washington Senators, Bucky Harris is the all time franchise leader in HBPs with 99 between 1919 and 1928. Clyde Milan and Eddie Yost (the most plunked player in history with Y for a last initial) are 2nd and 3rd with 80 and 76 plunks for the franchise.
Chuck Knoblauch is 4th, and 1st among those who played for the franchise as it's currently known, accumulating 74 HBPs from 1991 to 1997. Torri Hunter is there active leader, with 39, tied for 19th in franchise history.

Top 20 most plunked batters in Twins franchise history:
99Bucky Harris1919-1928
80Clyde Milan1907-1922
76Eddie Yost1944-1958
74Chuck Knoblauch1991-1997
71Ossie Bluege1922-1939
68Cesar Tovar1965-1972
59Tony Oliva1962-1976
58George McBride1908-1920
56Kirby Puckett1984-1995
54Sam Rice1915-1933
51Joe Judge1915-1932
49Corey Koskie1998-2004
49Randy Bush1982-1993
48Matt Lawton1995-2001
47Harmon Killebrew1954-1974
45Pat Meares1993-1998
42Goose Goslin1921-1938
40Jake Stahl1904-1906
39Doc Gessler1909-1911
39Torii Hunter1997-

Among pitchers, Walter Johnson ranks first hitting batters in the Twins history, dating back to the Washington days. Depending on which website you believe, Johnson hit either 203 or 205 batters. Some sites list him as the all time record holder in that category, but pre-1900 stats for pitchers hitting batters are apparently not as well documented as batting stats, so there are a few from that era who may have plunked more than that. But not for the Twins or Senators.
Jim Katt is next with 96 hit batters between 1959 and 1973, and Bert Blyleven is third, having hit 80 batters in his various stints with the Twins between 1970 and 1988. Brad Radke's 62 career hit batters ranks 1st among active Twins and 6th in Twins history.

Top 20 pitchers by hit batsmen in Twins franchise history:
203Walter Johnson1907-1927
96Jim Kaat1959-1973
80Bert Blyleven1970-1988
75Case Patten1901-1908
68Tom Hughes1904-1913
62Brad Radke1995-
50Jim Perry1963-1972
47Camilo Pascual1954-1966
47Happy Townsend1902-1905
46Pedro Ramos1955-1961
46Mike Smithson1984-1987
44Kyle Lohse2001-
42Scott Erickson1990-1995
40Bob Groom1909-1913
39Doc Ayers1913-1919
37Firpo Marberry1923-1936
36Harry Harper1913-1919
35Sid Hudson1940-1952
34Dave Boswell1964-1970
33Joe Boehling1912-1916
33Bump Hadley1926-1935


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