Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Marshall plan fails, Rusch in tonight.

Last week Sean Marshall missed Craig Biggio with 8 pitches and only allowed the Astros to score 1 run. Apparently having the weekend off and playing at home didn't help him much last night. He did miss Biggio 14 times, but he also gave up 5 runs. Biggio scored one of those, but Chris Burke scored 3 off Marshall and 2 more off the Cubs relievers. 5 runs scored in a game ties a club record held by Craig Biggio. Biggio scored 5 runs in a game on July 4, 1995, September 28, 1995, and June 4, 1996.

Tonight the Astros face Glendon Rusch, who was the last Cub to plunk Biggio. Rusch hit him on June 1, 2004 for plunk #250. Rusch has hit 39 batters in his career, but has not hit anyone this season and hit only 1 batter in 2005 in 145.1 innings of work.

Biggio had never been plunked on June 14th before last season, when Jorge Julio hit him in Baltimore.


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