Sunday, July 30, 2006


Miguel Batista plunked Biggio for the second time in his career and both plunks occured in the 3rd inning. Plunk #280 came on 3-2 with no outs in the 3rd. Pitchers seemed to have been confused by the emergence of Burke as the the Astros plunk leader, and the reshuffled line up which move Willy Taveras to the leadoff spot - this confusion got Taveras plunked Friday night, but Batista solved this dilema by plunking all three of them - Taveras and Biggio in the 3rd inning, and Burke in the 6th.

Just 8 more.

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At 7/30/2006 06:44:00 PM, Anonymous DM said...

I was at the game this afternoon, and witnessed all three plunkings. The crowd booed lustily when Biggio was plunked, because he winced pretty seriously. And got a big hand when he remained in the game.

One Arizona player was also plunked today, so I got to witness a four-plunk game. That's gotta be some kinda rare, right?

At 7/30/2006 08:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. For the record, I was not wearing a Plunk Biggio t-shirt at the game today.

At 7/30/2006 11:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will the Bruise Board be updated on the Frontpage?


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