Monday, July 31, 2006

back to back

Of the 280 times Craig Biggio has been hit by a pitch, only 7 of them have occured as part of a back to back plunking as yesterday's did. Miguel Batista hit Willy Taveras just prior to Biggio's plunking, and that was the 2nd time this season Biggio had been hit immediately following a Taveras HPB (Jason Marquis hit Taveras and Biggio on consecutive May 29th). Prior to this year, Biggio had never been plunked as part of back to back plunkings more than once in a season, had never been the 2nd plunk in a back to back occurance, and had never been plunked back to back with the same player.
Last June, Byung-Hyun Kim helped celebrate Biggio's 268th plunk by hitting the following batter - Lance Berkman. In July of 2001, Chad Durbin of the Royals plunked Biggio and Julio Lugo to lead off the game, and plunked Biggio again in the 4th inning. In July of 1998, Kirk Rueter plunked Biggio and Ricky Gutierrez back to back; Armando Reynoso threw back to back plunks to Biggio and Derek Bell on May 13, 1997, and Biggio and Jeff Bagwell had their only back to back HBPs on September 5, 1995 against Xavier Hernandez.

Aside from the back to back instances above, Biggio has been plunked in the same inning as another Astro 13 times. On 4 of those occasions, Jeff Bagwell was the other batter plunked. Sean Berry, Richard Hidalgo, and Orlando Miller were each plunked in the same inning as Biggio on 2 different occasions, and Derek Bell, Luis Gonzalez and Orlando Palmeiro were each hit once in the same inning as Biggio in a non-back-to-back instance.



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