Wednesday, August 23, 2006

football season?

If the Reds had suddenly hit 17 Astros batters in a row, they would have been right back in the game. But they didn't. The game got out of hand early yesterday, so Craig Biggio only got two chances at the plate before sitting down to let the kids finish up the blowout. He did not get hit by a pitch and the Astros lost 14-0 - a two touchdown loss that may have had even them looking forward to football season.

Today the Astros will try to score a few runs and give up a few less runs againt the Reds and their starting pitcher Chris Michalak. Michalak has never hit Craig Biggio with a pitch, but he has hit 1 batter this season and 15 in his career. Tonight will be his 20th career start and his 51st Major League appearance.

Pedro Astacio hit Craig Biggio with a pitch on August 23, 1997 marking the first of what would become a record 7 plunkings of Biggio by Astacio.



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