Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pirates trade C. Wilson for batting tee

If there was ever a player who could get hit by a pitch while batting off a tee, it would have to be Craig Biggio, but he didn't manage to do that last night. Okay, the Astros weren't litteraly batting off a tee - 6 of them were walked to go with 6 home runs. Biggio had one of those homers, and it turned out that the HBP was not needed for the team to rack up 14 runs and win 14-1.

Tonight the Pirates starter is expected to be Tom Gorzelanny, a 24 year old lefty who has not hit Craig Biggio with a pitch yet in his career. He has only faced the Astros in one of his 9 career appearances - his major league debut last year on September 20th. He didn't hit anyone.

Bill Pulsipher is the only pitcher who has hit Craig Biggio on August 10th. He did it in 1998 for Milwaukee at the Astrodome, and the Astros won that game 5-2.



At 8/10/2006 09:33:00 AM, Blogger Tom said...

I'm getting more an more anxious for the record to be broken, so anxious that I'm expecting at least one HBP every single game!

Is there any data on frequency of HBPs approaching a milestone HBP total? Say, the fifteen or twenty HBPs before 100, 150, or 200?

Should I be expecting things to speed up, or slow down?


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