Saturday, August 05, 2006

weekend in the desert

There was a lot ineffective pitching in last nights 8-7 win for the Astros over the Diamondbacks, but it was mostly a matter of lots of hits, rather than lots of batters hit. Craig Biggio was once again not hit by a pitch.

Dustin Nippert is scheduled to pitch today, and the first batter he faces in this game will be the 94th of his career. He has hit 1 batter so far, in 4 career appearances. That 1 batter was not Craig Biggio (it was Freddy Sanchez). Craig Biggio has never been hit by a pitch on August 5th.

Sunday's thrower for the D-backs is scheduled to be Claudio Vargas. Vargas has never hit Biggio with a pitch, but he has been remarkably consistent hitting 7 batters in each of the last 3 seasons. He's only hit 5 this year, so he'll undoubtedly be choosing his last 2 carefully.
Craig Biggio has been hit 4 times on August 6th. Barry Manuel threw plunk #80 on August 6, 1996, Rocky Biddle thre plunk #254 on August 6, 2004, and Aaron Heilman and Pedro Feliciano both threw HBPs to Biggio on August 6, 2003.



At 8/05/2006 04:44:00 PM, Anonymous cletus j. "bubba" huckabee jr. said...

I got my modified HBP:BGO shirt on and am ready to commence listening to the game on the AM radio in my truck as I sit under the carport and swill some cool ones. I feel that this is the the game (ain't no numbers been crunched...this is just a feelin'). I urge one and all to slip in to their shirts and warm up their sets and get ready for another milestone.


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