Friday, September 08, 2006

Milwaukee... again

The Astros return to Milwaukee tonight for 3 more games in the home of sausage racing. Ben Sheets pitches for the Brewers tonight, and he plunked Biggio the last time they met, just last month. Sheets also hit Craig Biggio in his rookie season on June 29, 2001. Sheets has hit just one other batter this season, but has thrown 6 of his 29 career plunks in September (2nd only to his April total of 7). He has also hit 6 batters on Friday, more than any other day of the week. Sheets, however, has never hit a Major League batter on September 8th, but since he's never pitched on that date, we can once again claim that he's never missed a batter on September 8th.
Craig Biggio has been plunked twice on September 8th - in 1992 by Scott Bankhead, and in 1995 by Paul Fletcher.



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