Friday, September 01, 2006

more lineup notes

From 1988 through 2005, Rafael Palmeiro started 2,648 major league games, more than any other player, and 173 starts ahead of Craig Biggio, who is next on that list. But, in games in which someone got hit by a pitch, Craig Biggio has the most starts in that time span, with 1,183 - though Palmeiro is just 24 behind. In games when someone on his own team got hit by a pitch, Craig Biggio has the most starts with 776, but in games when the opposing squad has at least one plunk, Rafael Palmeiro has started the most games with 650. Biggio started 220 games through 2005 in which both teams got hit by a pitch, more than any other player.

Among games in which Craig Biggio got hit by a pitch, Craig Biggio has had the most starts of any player. You'd never have guessed that, would you? Yes, Craig Biggio holds the all time record for being in the starting lineup for the most games in which Craig Biggio got hit by a pitch. Biggio has started 257 of the 261 games in which he's been plunked, with 4 plunks coming in appearances off the bench. 2nd on that list is Jeff Bagwell with 220 starts in games when Biggio was plunked. But, 218 of Bagwell's starts in games when Biggio got plunked were at first base - the most starts Biggio has at one position in games when he got hit is 205 at second base.

The record for the most starts in games for the opposing team when Craig Biggio gets hit by a pitch is 19 by Todd Helton. Helton has played his entire career for Colorado, the team that has plunked Biggio the most, so all 19 of those plunks came while Helton played for the same team. Todd Zeile, on the other hand, has started for 6 different teams in games when Biggio was hit by a pitch (the Rockies, Marlins, Cardinals, Yankees, Phillies and Dodgers). Charlie Hayes, Ron Gant, Reggie Sanders, and Royce Clayton have all seen their team plunk Biggio while working for 5 different teams, but Hayes is the only one who has also started for the Astros in a Biggio plunk game.

Most starts, 1988-2005:
Rafael Palmeiro2648
Craig Biggio2475
Barry Bonds2378
Roberto Alomar2307
Fred McGriff2292
Ken Griffey2210
Luis Gonzalez2207
Omar Vizquel2202
Steve Finley2190
Alex Gonzalez2189

Most starts in games in which someone was hit by a pitch, 1988-2005:

Craig Biggio1183
Rafael Palmeiro1159
Alex Gonzalez1108
Jeff Bagwell1040
Gary Sheffield1022
Ken Griffey1016
Luis Gonzalez1010
Omar Vizquel999
Barry Bonds970
Roberto Alomar945

Most starts in games in which someone on the player's team was plunked, 1988-2005:
Craig Biggio776
Alex Gonzalez709
Jeff Bagwell700
Rafael Palmeiro693
Luis Gonzalez615
Gary Sheffield584
Roberto Alomar577
Ken Griffey570
Barry Bonds564
Omar Vizquel563

Most starts in games in which someone on the opponents team was plunked, 1988-2005:
Rafael Palmeiro650
Craig Biggio627
Ken Griffey620
Alex Gonzalez604
Gary Sheffield602
Omar Vizquel602
Luis Gonzalez582
Tino Martinez572
Edgar Martinez558
Jeff Bagwell548

Most starts in games in which players on both teams were plunked, 1988-2005:
Craig Biggio220
Jeff Bagwell208
Alex Gonzalez205
Luis Gonzalez187
Rafael Palmeiro184
Alex Rodriguez176
Ken Griffey174
Vinny Castilla170
Omar Vizquel166
Gary Sheffield164

Most starts in games in which Craig Biggio has been plunked:
Craig Biggio257
Jeff Bagwell220
Brad Ausmus117
Lance Berkman102
Derek Bell96
Richard Hidalgo95
Adam Everett58
Luis Gonzalez55
Ricky Gutierrez52
Ken Caminiti51

Most starts, by position, in games when Biggio has been plunked:

Jeff Bagwell2181st Base
Craig Biggio1982nd Base
Brad Ausmus118Catcher
Derek Bell80Right Field
Adam Everett58Shortstop
Lance Berkman57Left Field
Morgan Ensberg563rd Base
Luis Gonzalez55Left Field
Ken Caminiti513rd Base
Ricky Gutierrez46Shortstop

Most starts, by batting order slot, in games when Biggio has been plunked:
Jeff Bagwell1873rd
Craig Biggio1651st
Craig Biggio752nd
Brad Ausmus708th
Richard Hidalgo596th
Lance Berkman514th
Derek Bell474th
Moises Alou445th
Brad Ausmus387th
Jeff Bagwell304th

Most starts on the opposing team in games when Biggio has been plunked:

Todd Helton19
Larry Walker18
Sammy Sosa17
Royce Clayton17
Barry Bonds16
Jason Kendall15
Brian Giles14
Mark Grace14
Mark Grudzielanek14
Vinny Castilla13


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