Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday - now with more Reds.

Craig Biggio finally snapped his hitless streak yesterday but that was hardly consolation for 3 straight losses to the Phillies. The Astros have dropped 6.5 games out of the wildcard with only 14 games left in the season.
Tonight the Cincinnati Reds take the field against the Astros and they'll hand the ball to Kyle Lohse. Lohse has hit 44 batters in his career and 6 this season, but he hasn't hit any since being traded to the National League. Lohse has only hit 6 National League batters. None the batter he's hit were Astros but 2 played for the Reds. If Lohse could find a way to hit a Reds batter today, that would be some kind of record.

Jose Jimenez plunked Biggio on September 18, 2003.


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