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Barring a miraculous 7 plunks in the last weeks of this season, Craig Biggio will finish the 2006 season without passing anyone on the all time HBP list. This will be the first season he hasn't passed anyone on the plunk list since 1988. Obviously, there is only 1 person left to pass since Biggio is #2 on the all time list, and as Biggio has moved higher up the ladder, the passings have became less frequent. But, the number of days between Biggio passing Tommy Tucker, and whenever he passes Hughie Jennings will be the longest time he's spent on any rung of the HBP ladder since his first plunk. Biggio spent 480 days at #6 on the all time list after passing Frank Robinson on April 13, 2002 on plunk #199, until he passed Dan McGann on plunk #231 on August 6, 2003. It was a year ago yesterday that Biggio passed Tucker for #2 on the list, and by April 1st of next season, it will have been 566 days and counting.

Biggio hasn't passed an active player on the HBP list since August 30, 1997 when he recorded plunk 109 tying him with Sherry MaGee and Andres Galarraga and August 31st when he moved into sole possession of 33rd place on the all time list with plunk 110. Galarraga got his 110th plunk on September 10th that year, but by that time Biggio had 113. Biggio has been #1 on the active list ever since. Galarraga would eventually climb to 10th on the list with 178 career HBPs when he retired after the 2004 season, but Jason Kendall has since knocked him down to 11th. Kendall passed Galarraga on May 6, 2005.

Here is Biggio's rank on the all time plunk list as of the end of each season since 1988:
1988 - 5,635th (tied)
1989 - 2,276th (tied)
1990 - 1,850th (tied)
1991 - 1,624th (tied)
1992 - 1,092nd (tied)
1993 - 675th (tied)
1994 - 447th (tied)
1995 - 170th (tied)
1996 - 68th (tied)
1997 - 26th
1998 - 14th (tied)
1999 - 11th (tied)
2000 - 10th
2001 - 7th
2002 - 6th
2003 - 5th
2004 - 4th
2005 - 2nd
2006 - 2nd?

Here are the last 40 players Biggio has passed on his way up the plunk list, with the rank they held before Biggio came along, and the dates Biggio tied and passed them - with links to the boxscores:
Tommy Tucker272209/03/200509/12/2005
Don Baylor267306/28/200506/29/2005
Ron Hunt243404/24/200404/25/2004
Dan McGann230507/12/200308/06/2003
Frank Robinson198604/10/200204/13/2002
Minnie Minoso192707/28/200108/18/2001
Jake Beckley183806/29/200106/30/2001
Curt Welch173904/20/200104/29/2001
Kid Elberfeld1651006/09/200006/13/2000
Fred Clarke1531109/13/199904/29/2000
Chet Lemon1511207/25/199909/09/1999
Carlton Fisk1431304/25/199905/04/1999
Nellie Fox1421408/24/199804/25/1999
Art Fletcher1411508/20/199808/24/1998
Bill Dahlen1401608/11/199808/20/1998
Frank Chance1371707/21/199807/27/1998
John McGraw1341807/04/199807/11/1998
Dummy Hoy1341807/04/199807/11/1998
Nap Lajoie1341807/04/199807/11/1998
Steve Brodie1322106/22/199807/04/1998
Brian Downing1292206/17/199806/20/1998
Willie Keeler1292206/17/199806/20/1998
Honus Wagner1252405/20/199805/23/1998
Buck Herzog1202504/01/199804/28/1998
Jimmie Dykes1152609/12/199709/17/1997
Sherm Lollar1152609/12/199709/17/1997
Bill Freehan1142809/12/199709/12/1997
Frankie Crosetti1142809/12/199709/12/1997
Steve Evans1113009/01/199709/07/1997
Andre Dawson1113009/01/199709/07/1997
George Burns1103208/31/199709/01/1997
Sherry Magee1093308/30/199708/31/1997
Andres Galarraga109*3308/30/199708/31/1997
Bill Joyce1083508/27/199708/30/1997
Pete Rose1073608/24/199708/27/1997
Wally Schang1073608/24/199708/27/1997
Dan Brouthers1053708/17/199708/23/1997
Tris Speaker1033808/12/199708/17/1997
Orlando Cepeda1024008/12/199708/12/1997
Henry Larkin1004107/25/199708/09/1997

*Andres Galarraga, as noted above, had 178 career plunks, but he was at 109 when Biggio passed him.

27 of the above named players did not live long enough to see Craig Biggio pass them on the all time HBP list.

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