Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reds notes

Craig Biggio has been hit by a pitch 21 times by the Cincinnati Reds, and since the beginning of Biggio's first season in the league, through yesterday, the two teams have plunked each other 206 times. That works out to Craig Biggio accounting for 10.2% of all plunks in Astros/Reds since 1988, and 19.8% of the plunks the Reds have thrown against the Astros. The Reds plunked 106 Astros in that span, and the Astros have hit 100 Reds. Only the Pirates have combined with the Astros for more plunks during there games against each other, with 217.

The most plunked Red in those games was Jason Larue, who collected 12 plunks from the Astros from 1999-2006, before being traded to the Royals. That is the Reds franchise record for being plunked by the Astros, and Larue is 2nd on the Reds all time HBP list with 93, just 25 plunks behind Frank Robinson's 118 for the team record. But, the Reds would have to re-acquire for him to break that record.

Another 12 of those 206 plunks in Astros/Reds games since 1988 landed on Jeff Bagwell, and 10 more hit Barry Larkin. So between those 4 players - Biggio, Bagwell, Larkin and Larue - they have recorded 26.7% of the HBPs in games between the two teams since '88.



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