Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How to end a plunkless streak

As you may have noticed, Craig Biggio has gone 33 consecutive games without getting hit by a pitch. That ranks 14th in his career, for most consecutive games without being hit. He's had 144 plate appearances since his last plunk, and that ranks 15th in his career. But, he has snapped out of plunkless streaks of 30 or more games 17 different times in his career, so it's worth looking at the circumstances under which most of those plunk-free streaks were broken.

8 of those 17 streaks were snapped at home, but only 6 plunks that ended 30 game plunkless streaks were recorded in games the Astros won. On April 29, 2000, Biggio broke out of a 35 game plunkless streak with a 2 plunk game in Milwaukee, but that was the only multi-plunk game to end a streak of this length. Biggio has ended long plunkless streaks against ten different teams, but the Mets helped end 4 of them - streaks of 31, 37, 48 and 70 games. Tonight's opponents, the Reds, have broken streaks of 45 and 59 plunkless games for Biggio. The 59 game streak was the first 59 games of Biggio's career, ending when the Reds threw plunk number 1.

Biggio has ended a 30 game plunkless streak by getting hit to lead of the game 3 times. In total, he's ended streaks in the first inning 5 times, but done it 8 times in his first plate appearance of the game. He ended his original plunkless streak, and a 31 game drought in 1993 with a 10th inning plunk, and he ended two other streaks by getting hit in the 9th inning. No pitcher has ended one of these streaks more than once.

Biggio has batterd just 11 for 43 with one home run in the 17 games that ended 30+ game plunkless streaks, which is not the sort of stat that would make anyone root for a streak to end. But, keep in mind that overall, Craig Biggio has batted .297 in games in which he gets hit by at least one pitch, and .281 in plunk-free games. So, a plunkless streak

Craig Biggio's streaks of 30 or more unplunked games:

GamesPAStreakEnded by:Ended on:Opp
1154799/3/89 to 7/21/90Mark Gardner7/22/90Expos
883878/31/91 to 6/10/92Michael Jackson6/12/92Giants
712906/8/91 to 8/29/91Barry Jones8/30/91Expos
702879/3/90 to 6/6/91Ron Darling6/7/91Mets
612779/9/92 to 5/18/93Jeff Brantley5/19/93Giants
591556/26/88 to 4/20/89Tim Birtsas4/22/89Reds
482128/18/04 to 4/11/05Braden Looper4/13/05Mets
452098/25/98 to 4/24/99Pete Harnisch4/25/99Reds
411937/26/99 to 9/8/99Paul Byrd9/9/99Phillies
371716/13/92 to 7/25/92Jim Bullinger7/26/92Cubs
371405/20/89 to 7/3/89Bob Ojeda7/4/89Mets
351669/14/99 to 4/28/00Everett Stull4/29/00Brewers
351636/13/94 to 7/22/94Steve Cooke7/23/94Pirates
4/18/07 to ?
321466/28/00 to 4/6/01Bronson Arroyo4/7/01Pirates
321426/9/93 to 7/16/93Bob Tewksbury7/17/93Cardinals
321338/18/06 to 9/27/06Chuck James9/29/06Braves
311498/1/93 to 9/6/93John Franco9/7/93Mets


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