Monday, June 25, 2007

plunks in the season a player reaches 3000 hits

Craig Biggio needs a total of 6 HBPs this season to pass Hughie Jennings for the all time HBP record. Coincidentally, 6 is also the most plunks any player has recorded in the season he reached 3000 hits. George Brett holds that record, from his 1992 season when he got hit by 6 pitches, and reached 3000 hits on September 30th. He's the only player to get plunked more than 4 times, and both players with that many plunks in the season of their 3000th hit did it in 1925 - Eddie Collins and Tris Speaker.

3 of the last 8 players to join the 3000 hit club did so in seasons in which they weren't plunked at all.

George Brett19926
Eddie Collins19254
Tris Speaker19254
Ty Cobb19213
Cap Anson18943
Lou Brock19793
Pete Rose19783
Willie Mays19703
Rickey Henderson20013
Cal Ripken20003
Paul Molitor19963
Robin Yount19923
Rafael Palmeiro20052
Tony Gwynn19992
Carl Yastrzemski19792
Hank Aaron19702
Honus Wagner19142
Nap Lajoie19142
Rod Carew19851
Stan Musial19581
Paul Waner19421
Al Kaline19741
Roberto Clemente19720
Wade Boggs19990
Eddie Murray19950
Dave Winfield19930

Biggio sits 4 hits away, as you've probably heard, from 3,000. The longest he's ever taken to get 4 hits was 16 games - that was going from career hit number 14 to 18, back in 1988. His longest 4 hit span this season was 11 games, getting from hit 2,978 to 2,982. So, it won't be long before he can stop worrying about hitting the ball and get back to... reaching base in a wider variety of ways.


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