Monday, June 18, 2007

Californians and home state plunks

Craig Biggio has been hit by more pitchers born in California than any other state - 31 California born pitchers have plunked him a total of 42 times, but only 4 of those pitchers actually plunked Biggio in a park in California. Biggio has been plunked as many times by pitchers from Georgia, in California, than by Californians.

Craig Biggio has only been plunked in three states by pitchers born in those states. 4 times in California by Californians (Rod Beck, Tom Candiotti, Tim Scott, and Tim Worrell), once in Georgia (Chuck James), and 14 times in Texas. Texans Frank Castillo, Jason Jennings and Greg Maddux did it twice each, and Danny Darwin, Xavier Hernandez, Danny Jackson, Michael Jackson, Mark Petkovsek, Scott Ruffcorn, and Kip Wells have all plunked Biggio in Texas.

John Lackey, tonight's starter in Anaheim, is from Texas. He'd be just the 2nd Texan to plunk Biggio in California, and the first since Calvin Schiraldi threw plunk #8 in 1990. 19 Californians have plunked Biggio 26 times in Texas, but of course, the majority of his HBPs have been in the Lone Star State.


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