Monday, July 09, 2007

break, day 2

The Astros picked up another win against the visiting Mets yesterday, but Craig Biggio didn't get a plate appearance in the game, giving him a head start on the All-Star Break.

The home-run derby is tonight's only baseball action, but it's not very interesting since the the scoring system for that event does not include HBPs. MLB still refuses to include a hit-by-pitch contest in the all-star festivities, but it might just be that they can't find enough qualified judges. Anybody can judge something like the NBA slam-dunk contest, but it really takes a true plunk-artist to appreciate the skill and artistry of a well executed 540-reverse plunk. I assume they're waiting for Biggio to retire and take the role of head judge.

Jay Witasick plunked Biggio on July 9, 1999.


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