Wednesday, August 29, 2007

74 losses - but only 2 7-0 losses.

The Astros only got 9 batters to first base last night, and none of them made it past 2nd, as the Cardinals shut them out 7-0. Ty Wigginton was the only Astro who had his HBP offense going, but Craig Biggio did have one hit. On the bright side, the Astros may have now lost 74 games, but they've only lost 2 games by a 7-0 score.

Kip Wells gets his turn in the Cardinals pitching rotation tonight. He hit Craig Biggio with an 0-1 pitch with 2 outs in the 5th inning on July 12, 2003. Wells was matched up against Astros start Roy Oswalt that day, just as he is today.

Kip Wells has hit 60 batters in all in his career, with 7 this season, but he's never hit anyone on August 29th. Craig Biggio has been hit by 285 pitches in his career, but he's never been hit by one on August 29th.


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