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On average, pitchers who have hit Craig Biggio with a pitch have appeared in 145 games in their careers before the one in which they plunked Craig Biggio. They also average about 80 career starts. Three pitchers have plunked Biggio in their first career game (all as starters), but no pitcher has ever hit Craig Biggio with a pitch in their first start after previously having a relief appearance.

Biggio has been hit 10 times by 8 pitchers with over 500 career pitching appearances. Steve Reed holds the record, having plunked Biggio in his 745th career appearance, on April 24, 2004. All 745 of Reeds appearance up to that date were as a reliever, and he also holds second place on the list, having also plunked Biggio in his 672nd career appearance. Frank Tanana holds the record for most career starts before plunking Biggio - he threw Biggio's 21st career plunk in his 594th career start. Only Tanana, Orel Hershiser and Kevin Brown have hit Biggio with a pitch after starting over 400 major league games. Brown did it in his 437th career start, while Hershiser plunked Biggio twice in a relief appearance with 463 starts already under his belt. Hershiser also plunked Biggio in his 395th career start.

Biggio has been plunked most often - 6 times - by pitchers in their 8th career pitching appearance. He's also been hit 38 times by pitchers who have never started a game, but among those who have started games, he's been plunked most often in their 2nd start, with 7.

Here's the break down of Biggio's HBPs by the career game number of the pitcher who hit him:
1 to 1027
11 to 100110
101 to 20068
201 to 30045
301 to 40019
401 to 5006
501 or more10

Slightly over half of the pitchers who have plunked Biggio had 40 or fewer career starts at the time.

Here are Biggio's plunks by the pitchers' career starts:
0 to 1080
11 to 100118
101 to 20053
201 to 30023
301 to 4007
401 to 5003
501 or more1


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