Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Redding returns but doesn't contribute

Craig Biggio was once again not hit by a pitch in last night's 7-0 loss to the Nationals, making it his 29th consecutive plunkless game. But, just because he hasn't been hit in 29 consecutive games and he'll be facing Joel Hanrahan, who has never plunked anyone in his Major League career, that doesn't mean he couldn't get hit tonight. On July 26, 1992, for example, Jim Bullinger threw his first career plunk to end a 37 game un-plunked streak Biggio was on then.

If Biggio doesn't get plunked tonight, this will be his first season since 1993 in which he's had two different plunk-free streaks of 30 games or longer. And, if he doesn't get plunked tonight it will be his 20th season in which he didn't get hit by a pitch on August 21st.


At 8/21/2007 01:47:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is bgo's record for longest stretch without being hit by a pitch?

At 8/21/2007 01:58:00 PM, Blogger pbr said...

Between plunk number 6 on September 1, 1989 and plunk number 7 on July 22, 1990, Biggio played in 115 games without being hit. Earlier this season between plunks 283 and 284 he played 60 plunk-free games, which was his 6th longest plunk free streak, longest since 1993 and plunk number 19.


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