Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last Chance to See...

Craig Biggio became the first player with over 3000 career hits to play catcher since 1899 yesterday, and he got past the curse of 666 doubles, bringing his career total to 667, but he didn't get hit by a pitch. Maybe he's happy not to get struck by baseballs anymore. Maybe 285 is as many times as we can reasonably expect any man to get hit by flying baseballs to help his team. Or maybe he's trying to be dramatic, and he'll strap on the elbow-pad and get hit 3 times today.

Many players have been hit by three pitches in the same game, but Craig Biggio has never done it. If he really wanted to go all out, he could get hit 4 times, which would be the single game record. But lets face it, if he goes out and gets hit three times today it will look awfully suspicious.

Chuck James will be starting for the Braves for Biggio's final game, and he was the last pitcher to plunk Biggio in 2006. But, he's only hit one batter since then, and has a career total of just 7 plunks.

Craig Biggio has never before been plunked on September 30th.


At 9/30/2007 03:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bidge could at least grace us with his presence here on this blog. You know he knows it exists.

At 9/30/2007 06:06:00 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Well, as much as it would be nice see, still glad he went out with a win, and another double to boot! Thanks for keeping this blog up and running, the insight on the chase for 287 was much appreciated! Time to switch over to BGO:HOF :)

Happy Retirement Biggio!

Thanks again


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