Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Brewers,

Craig Biggio did not get hit by a pitch last night, making it the 50th consecutive game he's played in without being hit. That makes this just the 8th plunkless streak of 50 games or longer of his career, and 2007 is the first season he's ever had two 50 game plunkless streaks in the same season (most of them have straddled two seasons). And, the Astros lost 6-0.

Tonight, Ben Sheets will have a chance to become the 16th pitcher ever to plunk Biggio three different times. He'd be the first to join the 3-timers club since Jason Jennings threw plunk 267 in 2005. Sheets has only hit one batter this season, but he only hit one batter other than Biggio last season. He plunked Biggio on August 17, 2006, and June 29, 2001, but both of those plunks occurred in Milwaukee.

Biggio has only been plunked once on September 18th - in 2003 by Jose Jimenez.


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