Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pitch evasion

On April 28th of 1998 Al Leiter hit Craig Biggio with a pitch, but since the Astros are off, our hero ought to be able to avoid being struck by baseballs today. In that spirit, I looked at some of the best ever at not getting hit by pitches today.
Mark Lemke holds the career mark for most plate appearance by someone who never got hit by a pitch, with 3664. The current active leader in that category is Juan Castro of the Twins who has faced 5956 pitches in 1764 plate appearance without feeling the sting of flying cowhide. Of course he could lose his title as active dodge-ball king any day now. Cesar Izturas was up to 1929 plate appearance at the end of '04, but finally got hit for the first time this season.
Not surprisingly, Pete Rose holds the all time mark for most plate appearance that didn't result in a hbp (PA-HBP) with 15,754. Rafael Palmeiro is the active leader in unplunked plate appearance with 11,539. Only 85 of the 42,990 pitches thrown to Palmeiro have hit him.


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