Friday, May 06, 2005

More Braves HBP data.

In 1996 and 1997 Craig Biggio absorbed more plunks than the Braves pitching staff handed out (27 to 19 in 1996 and 34 to 31 in '97). Seven other players have accomplished this feat relative to the Braves since the franchise moved to Atlanta, most recently last year when Craig Wilson was hit 30 times while Atlanta only hit 27 batters. In 1996 Biggio, Brady Anderson, and Eric Young all were awarded first base via HBP more often than the Braves pitchers allowed a baserunner by the same means.

Here's the scoreboard:
2004 Craig Wilson 30, Braves Pitchers 27
1997 Craig Biggio 34, Braves Pitchers 31
1996 Eric Young 21, Braves Pitchers 19
1996 Brady Anderson 22, Braves Pitchers 19
1996 Craig Biggio 27, Braves Pitchers 19
1986 Don Baylor 35, Braves Pitchers 26
1984 Don Baylor 23, Braves Pitchers 18
1981 Carlton Fisk 12, Braves Pitchers 11
1981 Chet Lemon 13, Braves Pitchers 11
1971 Ron Hunt 50, Braves Pitchers 28

In other news, the Braves announcers on TBS last night mentioned that Biggio was 8 Hit-By-Pitches away from Don Baylor for the "all time" record. I don't have a problem with isolating modern records from the 19th century stats when the game was much different and recorded stats may be incomplete, but at least call it the modern record - especially when lists Hughie Jennings and Tommy Tucker first and second on their list of all time HBP career totals.



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