Monday, May 02, 2005

Not hit again.

The Cubs kept 65.7% of their pitches in the strikezone yesterday, and Craig Biggio escaped un-plunked.
Today the Astros will face Josh Fogg and the Pirates. Josh Fogg hit Biggio on May 11, 2002, but he's also hit 25 other batters, so it probably wasn't personal. Fogg, on average, hits a batter once per 21 innings, but he only hits Biggio once per 546.1 innings. That average could change dramatically today.
Biggio has been hit twice on May 2nd, in 2004 by Cory Lidle and 1995 by Jim Bullinger.

Through 2004, Biggio had been hit about 15.05 times per season. During that same time frame, the average everyday player (the ones considered "qualified" for the league leader stats, which means they need about 500 plate appearances) has been hit 4.94 times per season. The American Leaguers have been hit slightly less often at 4.936, while National Leaguers were at 4.945. So, Biggio gets hit about as often as 3 average full time players combined.


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