Monday, June 20, 2005

Rockies start

The Royals went the whole weekend without throwing at Craig Biggio, but the record chase continues as the Colorado Rockies begin a three game set in Houston tonight. Colorado leads all teams in Biggio plunking with 27, 3 ahead of the Cardinals despite only joining the league in 1993.
Joe Kennedy starts the series for the Rockies. He hit Biggio with a pitch last season on April 25.

Bobby Ayala, Rick Krivda and Kevin Brown have all pelted Biggio on June 20th, and they did it in three consecutive years. Krivda started the streak in 1998, Bobby Ayala got him in 1999, and Kevin Brown did it in 2000. Scott Garrelts, Craig Lefferts, Ramon Martinez, Jim Poole, Tim Crews, Jay Howell, Danny Cox, Bruce Ruffin, Roger McDowell, Mitch Williams, Jimmy Jones, Doug Jones, Pete Harnisch, Brian Williams, Al Osuna, Xavier Hernandez, Tom Edens, Greg Harris, Steve Reed, Willie Blair, Bruce Ruffin (again), Pedro Martinez, Gabe White, Jeff Shaw, Gil Heredia, Greg Harris (again), Hideo Nomo, Antonio Osuna, Scott Radinsky, Steve Trachsel, Kent Bottenfield, Turk Wendell, Mel Rojas, Brett Tomko, Danny Graves, Scott Sullivan, Dan Smith, Steve Kline, Guillermo Mota, Ugueth Urbina, Terry Adams, Jeff Shaw (again), Matt Herges, Mike Fetters, Ron Villone, Kane Davis, Justin Speier, Craig Dingman, John Thomson, Rosman Garcia, Aaron Fultz, and Victor Santos have all pitched to Craig Biggio on June 20th and NOT hit him, so it can be done.

Saturday, NPR's "Only a game" interviewed this reporter about Craig Biggio historic record chase. The interview can be heard here. I think it's important to give and do what we can for NPR because if they ever stopped being funded and Garrison Keiller decided to start swindling the elderly, he'd rake in more money than every TV preacher and the Canadian Lottery scam combined.



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