Monday, June 13, 2005

switch hitting

Craig Biggio has been hit 210 times by right handed pitchers, and only 52 times by lefties. This makes sense given that the majority of pitchers are right handed, and it would seem logical that right handed pitchers who lose control are more likely to lose control in the direction of the right handed batters. Over Major League history (through 2004), right handed batters have been hit 0.0063 times per plate appearance, left handers have been hit 0.0058 times per plate appearance, and switch hitters have been hit on 0.0055 times per plate appearance. Presumably by batting with the opposite hand the pitcher is throwing with, the switch hitters get out of the way of more pitches. But, Tommy Tucker, number 2 on the all-time HBP list with 272, and Dan McGann, number 6 on the list with 230, were both switch hitters. Which leads to the question, which I have no answer for: Were they switch hitting right vs righty and lefty vs lefty so they could get hit more? Pete Rose is third on the HBP list among switch hitters, tied with Wally Schang at 107. Carl Everett is the active leader.

Top 10 career HBPs among switch hitters:

Tommy Tucker2721887-1899
Dan McGann2301896-1908
Pete Rose1071963-1986
Wally Schang1071913-1931
Devon White871985-2001
F.P. Santangelo831995-2001
Carl Everett791993-2004
Max Carey771910-1929
George Davis751890-1909
Claude Ritchey721897-1909

Top 10 career HBPs among left handed hitters:

Jake Beckley1831888-1907
Fernando Vina1571993-2004
Brady Anderson1541988-2002
Fred Clarke1531894-1915
Nellie Fox1421947-1965
Dummy Hoy1341888-1902
John McGraw1341891-1906
Steve Brodie1321890-1902
Willie Keeler1291892-1910
Larry Walker1291989-2004


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