Friday, August 12, 2005

Dukes of... peril. to batters.

Zach Duke is the first Duke to pitch in the majors since Martin Duke pitched 13 innings in 4 games for the American Association's Washington Statesmen in 1891. He went 0-3, but never recorded a hit batter, so his nickname "Duck" my have been a play on his last name rather then a commentary on his pitching. Zach Duke owns the lone major league hit batsmen recorded by a pitcher with the last name Duke.
While Craig Biggio has never been hit by a Duke, nor an Earl, Lord, Prince or King, though Kansas City Royals hit him three times.
He has also been hit by two pitchers who attended Duke University, Chris Capuano and Mike Trombley. Only LSU and Florida State can claim more Biggio plunkers, with 3 each, but Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Wichita State and North East Louisiana State have had 2 each attend their schools as well. In overall plunks, Fresno State leads with 5, but that was entirely the work of Mark Gardner.
There have been only 4 pitchers (through 2004) who attended Duke to pitch in the majors, and their combine career totals come to only 42 hit batters, ranking tied for 130th in that statistic. Pitchers from the University of Texas lead that category by a wide margin with 408 plunks (through 2004).


At 8/14/2005 01:03:00 AM, Anonymous dm said...

...and he hasn't even been hit by a Marquis, although that could happen the next time the Cards are in town...


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